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Stephen started martial arts at age 10 studying under Grand Master- Donny Omega, by 15 he was assistant instructor and continued studying and teaching martial arts with Master Omega until he was 20. Following his dream, Stephen moved to Portland to study with another Grand Master: Al Dacascos! Stephen studied at and competed for the Dacascos academy of Kung Fu at national and international tournaments where he had great success.

Stephen has 17 years of instructing Yoga and Fitness full time, Stephen began his Yoga practice when he was 23 and  instantly fell in love with the practice! He has taught in some great studios in Portland, OR. including: the MAC and Body Moves. Later, he found a home as a resident Yoga and fitness instructor at the world famous Rancho La Puerta spa in Baja, Ca, Mexico where he lived and taught for 6 years.

Stephen has been fortunate in that he has been able to study with several outstanding Yoga teachers such as: Sushil Battacharya, Swami Veda, Roger Cole, John Friend, Barron Baptiste, Shiva Rea, and Mary and Eddie Marx (Iyengar teachers) Stephen believes in extracting the best from every style and creating a style with out boundaries.

Stephen has taught several modalities of fitness over the years as well including: Kickboxing, Bootcamp, Spinning, Circuit, F.I.T., NIA, Zumba, and Personal training.

**Stephen is an ACE certified personal trainer.



Stephen is passionate about yoga, health, and fitness. He believes that a healthy body creates a happy life while giving you strength and courage to face any challenge you are presented with.

Having physical strength is the core to health, fitness, and wellbeing.  Stephen's guided strength training and body conditioning sessions are safe, effective, and fun. A strong and healthy body is more than just loosing excess weight. The goal is to keep the weight off and give you the fitness tools to create a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Initially, Stephen conducts a comprehensive physical evaluation and designs a unique and balanced program focused on helping you to reach your fitness and health goals.

Everyone is at different fitness levels and should have a trained and highly qualified fitness expert assess and develope a personalized program.  

The benefits you can expect from Stephen's unique and personalized programs:
Increased lean muscles
Defined muscle tone
Accelerated metabolism
Weight loss
Improved cardiovascular health
Increased flexibility
Beter co-ordination
Balanced body and emotions
Increased energy

Personal Training
Private Yoga Session 
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Yoga Class Description:
Stephen fuses his favorite styles of yoga and creating a dynamic yoga class. You'll find a taste of Iyengar, Anusara, Hatha, and Vinyasa flow all the while getting excellent instruction!  All levels are welcome and smiles encouraged.



Stephen Ujjayi yoga at Rancho la Puerta Stephen @ Rancho La Puerta

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