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Jai Ma!

We are working on a documentary about Yoga/Kirtan festivals!

You will be invited to the high-energy Kirtan (call and response spiritual singing) world, the yoga world, and the festival culture. 

We hope to show you the beauty, culture, and community that thrives at these festivals in this documentary.

We also want to show you how you can take what you've learned from these festivals and share it with your community. 

There are music performances from world famous musicians, interviews from the top Yoga instructors, and thoughts from the participants and creators of these events. 

Please take the time to watch the short teaser filmed at Pranafest.

Full documentary to be released early 2015!


1. Create the first of many masterpieces

2. Share the beauty of Yoga/Kirtan festivals with the world

3. Expand awareness in the collective consciousness

4. Bring people together in a healthy way

5. Educate/ learn

6. Spread love

7. Give back

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*Dj Services

*Music Production


*Personal Training

*Group Bootcamp and Kickboxing


*Lifestyle Coaching

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